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About NOVOTEK KBHG s.r.o.
Plant "NOVOTEK KBHG s.r.o." - full cycle of the company for the production of aluminum and bimetal radiators located in the city of Kaliningrad region. Production starts in 2012, "NOVOTEK KBHG s.r.o." is currently one of the largest domestic enterprises for the production of radiators in Russia.

Technological equipment plant comprises six modern injection systems, the Italian line of machining, high-performance automatic tunnel-type paint line. Production at the plant is automated up to 95%.

"NOVOTEK KBHG s.r.o." is built according to the most advanced industry standards. Equipped with high-tech modern equipment, the company produces products that can compete with the best European samples.
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International Quality Management System - ISO 9001: 2011
We employ more than 180 people, who are highly qualified and motivated
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Industrial Automation 95%
Our products
We offer wide range of aluminium and bimetallic radiators which we carefully produce at our factory.
Aluminium radiators
Aluminium radiators - is a device, providing heating of the premises. They are manufactured in the most modern way at present time - by way of casting under pressure; each section of the radiator is casted entirely and an end plate (settler) is welded to the ready section. Radiators are smooth, lightweight, compact and do not need painting. The devices have an increased corrosive hardiness of an interior finishing, preventing from formation of rust. In the manufacturing process the device undergoes a modern system of a quality control on different stages which guaranties their reliability of use within many years.

Radiators are supplied by 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sections.

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Bimetallic radiator
Bimetallic radiators are aimed for heating of multi-storeyed buildings. In these radiators the section is formed from a steal vertical and horizontal collector. The construction fully excludes contact of a heat carrier with an aluminium body frame. Combination of an aluminium "body frame" and a steal "core" allows the device to be extremely firm and durable. Due to this technology the device is maximally resistant to influence of excess pressure at hydraulic shocks in the heating systems. A special design, vertical and horizontal ribs of a bimetallic radiator improve air passage which increases heat emission.

Radiators are supplied in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sections.

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